10 Happy Memories #1


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These will be posted on Sunday’s from here on out! I just couldn’t post this over the last two days. So this is last weeks!

I did not flunk my Spanish test. This came as a huge relief to me considering my beginners Spanish class is a lot harder than I thought and I was more than freaking out about my exam.
It’s finally getting colder out! This may not seem like the greatest thing but trust me, living in a dorm with ZERO air conditioning, this cold weather feels fantastic.
I posted my first ever Etsy Sticker Haul for my Plum Planner. I’ve never ordered stickers before so it was a very exciting thing for me. I can’t wait to make more planner videos! (You can watch the video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUIWoTnSC7c)
My least favorite person on Project Runway got eliminated! I’m sorry to all you Blake lovers out there, but no.
I received my first paycheck for reffing. and my last paycheck from my summer job with my $300 in tips!!! I’m seriously so excited for this, you have no idea.
I joined my first giveaway! I’m part of TWO giveaways that went up this week! Go check them out!
Bring Me The Horizon came out with their new album. It’s a lovely album and I actually love every song on it.
All Time Low concert. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Words can’t even describe how amazing they are live. I saw them three years ago and even then they were incredible. They did not disappoint. I will definitely see them again (YES. For the THIRD time).
I have finally joined some blogging groups! I’ve been wanting to take blogging more seriously for a long time, and I’m finally ready to do that.
I went home. I got to go see my little brother and watch some of his football.

I hope all of your guys’ weeks went great as well! 🙂


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