The Seven Day Smartphone Detox


This week I decided to try this seven day smartphone detox that I found on pinterest. Here’s how it went:

DAY 1: Unfollow people who aren’t your real friends, unsubscribe from unwanted e-mail lists, and delete apps you don’t use. I immediately hit my e-mails and unsubscribed from so many lists. Stores and blogs were scrapped to clear out my feed. I also spent almost an hour deleting Facebook friends I NEVER talk to. I went from 930 friends to 640ish. I delete apps on my phone pretty regularly though, so I didn’t have much to delete there.

DAY 2: Turn off push notifications. Like I received notifications to begin with! But, yes, I received no notifications all day and I will admit that I didn’t feel the need to check all my social media which is great!

DAY 3: Resist the urge to look at your phone first thing in the morning. I actually did this with little struggle surprisingly. I was also incredibly tired after an All Time Low concert and I had a reaaaallly bad cold but still.

DAY 4: Set up a charging station outside of your bedroom, and don’t look at your phone an hour before bed. SORRY I FAILED. This is so hard for me. I really try to not look at my phone before bed. It’s especially hard because I need it next to me because it’s also my alarm clock and I have to turn it off right away so I don’t wake up my roommate. So, I failed.

DAY 5: Go out to dinner and leave your phone at home. I did not accomplish this either. I try really hard though not to look at my phone and only answer if it’s my mom.

DAY 6: Spend the day not looking at or posting to social media. Yeah, I work as a social media contributor for Trend Magazine that requires me to tweet everyday. Didn’t happen.

DAY 7: Turn off your smartphone for the entire day. I DID DO THIS! Mainly because my phone died and  I couldn’t find my charger right away because it was buried at the bottom of my backpack. Yay me!

So now it’s YOUR TURN. That’s right; it’s time to detox. Smartphone style. Let me know how you do!! xx


One thought on “The Seven Day Smartphone Detox

  1. mandipimental says:

    LOVE this. Starting this TODAY ❤ Thank you. I always go back and forth on deleting people that arn't my real friends, because, being a business woman I always think – But what If I post something valuable to them/or that they will buy/etc. even though its my personal page and I know I need to keep it all seperate. Do you struggle with this too?


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