My 2016 Summer Bucketlist


Summer is finally here and there are so many things I’d like to do and accomplish this year. I work almost everyday so I probably won’t be able to finish everything on this list, but I’m hoping to accomplish over half of them!

  • Go River Rafting. I haven’t gone river rafting since I was about 12 and now that I moved, I live about an hour away from a river rafting sight! I definitely want to try and find time to go there. Maybe even twice.
  • Hit 2,000 subscribers on YouTube. I’m currently at 1,200 but I plan on posting tons of videos this summer so hopefully I can reach my goal!
  • Go camping. I went camping last year in Canada and it was so much fun. I’d like to go again this year, maybe some place with a hiking trail.
  • Go to a drive in movie. There’s a drive in movie theater about an hour away from me and I definitely plan on going to one this summer.
  • Go on a hike. I’ve actually never been hiking before but I’ve always wanted to. My family and I might be going hiking on our trip to Wisconsin though!
  • Go to Fall Out Boy. They’re coming to the North Dakota State Fair this summer, and I managed to get tickets!
  • Go to the Valley Fair. I went last year but I really want to go again this summer!
  • Go mini-golfing. Also haven’t done this since I was 12.
  • Write at least once a week. I really need to get back into writing, whether it be journaling or story writing.
  • Go to a Six Flags. I’ve never been to one but it’s part of my Wisconsin trip this summer!
  • Hit 6K followers on my YouTube/Blogging Instagram. I’m currently at 3,034. Follow me @kennedyyt_ for blog and youtube updates!
  • Get a manicure. I’ve never gotten one and my nails are disgusting. I have a nail biting problem and maybe a manicure would help me out.
  • Run a 10K. I want to start getting in a lot more shape and this is something to train towards.
  • Read 20 b0oks. I’m 14 books behind in the 2016 reading challenge right now so I want to do a lot of reading.
  • Practice my guitar/ukulele. This past year I haven’t done a lot of practicing and I’ve lost some of the skill I used to have. I really want to improve.
  • Watch a sunset. I’ve never actually gone outside and just watched a sunset. The sunsets are usually really pretty around my area too.
  • Finish my NaNoWriMo novel. I didn’t get very far (only 15K words) but I really want to get back at it and try and finish it this summer.

That’s what I have on my bucket list so far! What do you guys want to do this summer? xx




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