June Update 2016


So since my first year of college is complete, I thought I’d give this little update on my life so that you know what I’m up to, and also maybe learn a little about me.

Reading… Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and You & Me by Jojo Moyes. Check out my goodreads page to see what else I’m reading!

Playing… Paint it Back. I don’t know why but it’s such an addicting game.

Watching…Game of Thrones (currently on season 1), Parks & Rec (season 3), and Friends (season 1).
Trying…  to blog more, read more, write more, internet less.
Cooking… healthier foods! I’m slowly learning how to cook which is exciting!
Eating… healthier for the most part. I’ve been doing very well over the past two weeks.
Drinking… no more pop! I have officially cut pop out of my diet.
Calling…  my mom on the regular.
Texting…no one really. I’m kind of lame.
Pinning… on my new Pinterest for my blog! Follow me here.
Tweeting…at least once a week.
Going..to Wisconsin to visit some family in a week.
Loving… that my cat Zenni (or Queen Zenni) is living with me.
Hating… my current sunburn. It hurts so bad.
Discovering…some new books and some new blogging techniques.
Thinking… about what I’m going to write for my next short story.
Feeling… okay.
Hoping … to improve at the guitar.
Listening …  to Blake Shelton’s new album.
Celebrating… nothing in particular.
Smelling… my Dumbledore candle.
Ordering… too much! I am officially taking a break from buying things.
Thanking… everyone in my life.

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