Now You See Me 2 Movie Review


So I’ve decided I’m going to do something a little different on my blog today, and that something is going to be a movie review. I’m not really sure why I’ve never done a movie review before because I have an extreme love for movies. And I post about everything else I love on this blog (books, beauty, school), so why not post about movies? This is in fact a lifestyle blog, isn’t it? So here goes nothing.

Now You See Me came out in came out in 2013 and was on my favorite movie list for a long time. The ending definitely set up the movie for a sequel, but I was always thinking to myself: “How could they beat the first movie? It’s just too brilliant.” When the second movie was finally announced, I didn’t know how to feel. I was excited, but nervous because I didn’t want it to ruin what I thought of the first movie. So when it eventually did come out, I didn’t go to it in theaters. I was too nervous. I tried not to think about it. But, I came home this weekend to find that my mom had purchased the DVD copy, so I put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, cuddled up on my couch, and turned it on.

What I loved:

  • The return of Jesse Eisenburg, James Franco, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo (AKA my old man crush) was brilliant. They did such a wonderful job and this cast is why I loved the first movie so much.
  •  I was never 100% sure what was going on. The twists and turns kept me guessing the outcome every five minutes.
  • I liked seeing a little more background behind Dylan’s character. BUT (as mentioned below) I needed more.

What I didn’t love:

  • The easy replacement of Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher). I do really enjoy Lizzy Caplan as an actress, and I thought she was a great addition to the movie, but her placement felt a little too forced and I wasn’t connected to her as much as I was to the rest of the Four Horseman.
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO DYLAN’S LOVE INTEREST FROM THE FIRST MOVIE? You remember the cute girl with the accent? Where did she go?! I know that they kissed at the end of the last movie, so they can’t just expect me to forget it! – Side note, I am not a huge fan when sequels just omit information in hopes that the audience won’t remember. It’s the same thing with the sloppy replacement of Henley. They didn’t show her leaving, they just told us she left.
  • The plot. Now I know, this is a huge part in liking a movie. Now, I did enjoy this move, but it lacked a lot of substance. It had too much plots going, but no execution. Mostly, it lacked everything the first movie had. The addition of Merritt’s twin brother was annoying, and a sad card to play (get the pun? HA.). Dylan Rhodes’  (Mark Ruffalo) character also had no development, which should have happened because of the first movies ending. THAT WAS WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PRIORITY. But alas, the movie was hopping around, trying to keep the audience guessing, and it did, but it was also just a rouse to make it seem like the movie was actually good. There was too much stuff going on with Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), Dylan Rhodes, and Daniel Radcliff’s character (whose name I don’t remember because his character was a joke). THERE WAS NO CLIMAX. I just kept waiting and waiting, but the movie stayed at the same exact level throughout the entirety of the movie.

Now, I know that I gave a lot more into the “What I Didn’t Love” category, but I still kind of enjoyed it. It was a decent sequel that suffered a little too much from the sequelitis so many other movies suffer from, but it was an alright addition to the first movie. I will probably continue to watch the first one over and over again, because my love could never die for the first, but I’ll maybe rewatch the second once in a far future, if only just to see Mark Ruffalo.



Let me know if you’d like to see more movie reviews and what you thought of this movie! xx





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