July Wrap-Up


First of all, I would like to apologize for my lack of activity. I have been so busy with work and driving home, and last time I was home I forgot my laptop charger, so I literally couldn’t do anything web-related. But, I’m back!

For the month of July, I had extremely high expectations on how many books I wanted to read for the month. If you watch my “July To Be Read”video on Youtube, you’ll see that I wanted to read 8 books this month.

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June Wrap Up // Books I Read In June


In the month of June, I wanted to read a lot of books. I made a blog post about what I wanted to read and I was hoping for about 8 or 9 to try and get ahead of my Goodreads challenge (52 books in 2016). I read 4. *shakes head in disappointment* This puts me at 17/52 books for my challenge.

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