(Mid)Summer Bucketlist 2017


Summer has been here for a month now (am I a little late on this? yes.) For the time being, I am done stressing over college for a while and get to relax in the sun as much as I want (just kidding, I’m working 40 hour weeks and it’s been cloudy and windy for weeks; thanks North Dakota)! I still have a little over a month left of summer and still have tons of things I’d like to do before my Junior year of college begins. Here are some things I’d like to do: Continue reading


My Wisconsin Vacation


From June 23rd to June 27th, my mother, little brother and my boyfriend decided to go visit my godmother in Wisconsin. I have been to Wisconsin once before, 5 years ago, when we visited my godmother the first time. 5 years ago, we went to the Wisconsin Dells which had the Mount Olympus theme park, and visited State Street in downtown Madison. This time, we wanted to try and do something different.

We arrived on the 23rd at about 6 pm since the drive from my town was 8 hours. We decided to go to a drive in movie that night (drive in movies are the coolest! There’s only one about 45 minutes from where I live, but they play crappy movies. Bummer.) and we saw Finding Dory! It was amazing by the way.

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Growing Up & Summer Goals


Today I completely packed up my room at home and moved it into a trailer. That’s right. I am officially moving completely out of my house and into an apartment. Usually after freshman year of college, people move back into their house for the summer, but I made the decision to stay in my college town (Grand Forks) and move away from home.

The decision was definitely a hard one. But, when it came down to it, moving to Grand Forks for the summer was cheaper for rent (I snagged a deal with the company who owns the apartments) and also got me out of the bad atmosphere that is my home town.

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College Life // Life Update

I have completed my first two weeks at college and it’s been crazy. Adjusting from small town life to big town life has been interesting and has proved to be challenging more times than one. Funny enough, the biggest change is the driving. I have apologized to everyone who has ridden in the car I drive for the past two weeks. I’m not used to all of these merges, one ways, and annoying stoplights in the middle of no where. I even almost drove into the wrong lane onto incoming traffic… Luckily, no one was harmed.

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